Products - Atlantic Canada Metals Inc.

Silver Bars:

100oz Silver Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint

100 oz Silver Bars

The 100 troy ounce (ca. 3.11 kilo) Silver Bar is a product which offers a lot of silver for your money.

1kg Silberbarren der Republic Metals Corporation

1 Kilo Silver Bars

The 1 Kilo Silver Bar is a very popular product and offers almost the same cost effectiveness as the 100 ounce Silver Bar.

10oz Silberbarren der Royal Canadian Mint

10 oz Silver Bars

The 10 troy ounce (ca. 311 gram) is being produced by many companies and one of the most popular silver bars.

1oz Silberbarren der Sunshine Mint

1 oz Silver Bars

The 1 troy ounce (ca. 31.1 gram) Silver Bar is the best choice for people who prefer small units of silver.


1kg Goldbarren der Royal Canadian Mint

1 Kilo Gold Bars

The 1 Kilo Gold Bar is a gold bar with the best cost effectiveness for people who want to buy larger amounts of gold.

10oz Goldbarren der Credit Suisse

10 oz Gold Bars

The 10 troy ounce (ca. 311 gram) Gold Bar is very popular and offers a good cost effectiveness.

5oz Goldbarren der Pamp Suisse

5 oz Gold Bars

The 5 troy ounce (ca. 155.5 gram) Gold Bar is a good choice in case you larger units than the 1 troy ounce bars.

1oz Goldbarren der Royal Canadian Mint

1 oz Gold Bars

The 1 troy ounce (ca. 31.1 gram) Gold Bar is probably the most popular gold bar in the world.

Other Bars:

1oz Platinbarren der Credit Suisse

1 oz Platinum Bars

The 1 troy ounce (ca. 31.1 gram) Platinum Bar is the ideal addition to your silver and gold bars.

Numismatic Coins:

1 Kilo Silbermünze: In the Eyes of the Timber Wolf

In the Eyes of the Timberwolf

The one kilo silver coin "Eyes of the Timberwolf" is a very special numismatic coin with a low mintage of only 400 coins worldwide. This silver coin comes with a beautiful wooden case.

Goldmünzenset: 4 Gold Maple Leaf Münzen mit Platinbeschichtung

Gold Coin Set Maple Leaf

4 beautiful gold maple leaf coins in a cool wooden box, which has the shape of a maple leaf and is made from maple wood. The set contains 4 gold coins with a purity of 9999 and with platinum plating. This set was made in celebration of the 150th birthday of Canada (1867-2017)

Goldmünze Maple Leaf 99999

Gold Coin Canada 150 Iconic Maple Leaf 99999

This is one beatiful gold coin to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. Manufactured from extremely pure 99999 gold and the low mintage make this coin a really special one.


Silver, the precious metal with the most potential!

In the long term, silver is probably the precious metal with the most upside potential. This is mainly because the reserves and the recources are getting scarcer by the day. The economic progress which demands more and more silver is adding an additional pressure on future silver prices.

Gold, the consistent precious metal!

Gold means consistency and security. It is and will be one of the best storage forms of wealth in our world. Also it is probably the form of money you can own.

Platinum, the alternative precious metal!

Platinum is a precious metal and like silver an industrial metal as well. It is scarcer than gold and the only true alternative and addition to silver and gold.