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About these testimonials

All the testimonials you find here are from real customers. We ask our customers to send us not just one or two lines. We ask them to write a little bit more about their experience with us and as you can see they did. If you are a customer we would be more than happy to hear from you.

B.O. (translated from German)

In June 2017 I travelled together with my friend Thomas from Fankfurt to Halifax. This trip was organised by Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. We both have accounts with silver and gold and wanted to see if our precious metals are really there.

We believed in the business of Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. but we still had some doubts and wanted to see our metals with our own eyes.

We arrived at the airport in Halifax on a Wednesday evening and where Harald Heinz, CEO of Atlantic Canada Metals Inc., welcomed us and brought us to our hotel. After a short hotel break we and other gold and silver bugs went for dinner in a nearby restaurant. This was a good opportunity to get to know all of the other participants on this trip. We learned that most of them came because of the same reason, they wanted to make sure that their precious metals are really and securely stored, they wanted to see it with their own eyes. We all became friends on this evening because we all had the same interests which we enjoyed very much.

Harald Heinz showed the agenda for the next 3 days to us and discussed with everyone their own needs.

On the next morning we went to Cora's for an excellent breakfast which we then enjoyed we other days as well. Cora's is a special kind of restaurant where you can have Breakfast and lunch but no dinner, they close doors at 4pm.

After our first breakfast we were driven to Brink's where our precious metals are in storage.

Harald Heinz walked with each one of us separately into the high security building. When it was my turn I had to present my passport fot identification and we walked through a security door system and waited in a special room. A few seconds later an employee of Brink's brought my sealed box into this room. He then cut the seals and opend the box and I could see my precious metals. Everything was there and some bars and coins were in seperate packages. I could touch, check and count all the bars and coins and I could take photos. The Brink's employee even took a photo of me behind my box with precious metals. After that they closed and sealed the box and brought it back into the vault.

Everyone went with Harald Heinz through the security dor system and came back after about 15 minutes with a big smile and with some old seals from their box as a souvenir.

We all were very happy and enjoyed the following lunch at a nearby restaurant.

After a little presentation of numismatic gold and silver coins we went to the Purdy Towers to visit the accounting firm which is counting all the precious metals stored by Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. on behalf of their customers. From the 15th floor we had a fantastic view over the harbour of Halifax. An employee explained to us what they do and how they do it when they count the precious metals at the Brink's vault. After that he answered to all of the questions we asked him.

After that we explored the Halifax Waterfront which is very beautiful and enjoyed some really good ice cream. This evening as well as the other evenings we enjoyed Dinner at very good restaurants and closed our evenings at an irish pub with a beer or two.

On Friday after breakfast some of us drove with Harald Heinz to an RBC branch to open a bank account while the others went shopping in the many shops nearby the hotel.

After that we were driven to Peggy's Cove with the famous lighthouse where we had a very good lunch and walked on the rocks around the lighthouse. Then we drove along the shore to Chester and gazed to beauty of that area and the beautiful homes there. We took our dinner in Halifax before we went back to the hotel and the irish pub.

Saturday morning was a bit rainy and we discussed many things regarding storage with Harald Heinz. People had questions regarding tax or in case someone dies and many other things.

The weather changed and the sun looked through the clouds and we went to the Dartmouth harbour for lunch in a very nice restaurant with a great view on the Halifax waterfront. Later the evening we were driven to the airport for our trip back home to Germany.

All in all I can say it was a very nice trip which underpinned our trust in Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. and their management. They are doing an amazing job and we feel really good that we trust them with our precious metals.

A. K. (translated from German)

In mit June 2017 I had a chance to attend a customer trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I must say that the organization and help even before the trip was exceptional. I hat many question and all of them were answered very quickly. The excellent organization went on through the whole trip, we were picked up from the airport, the whole day from breakfast to dinner was perfectly planned. Besides the visit of the high security vault and the accounting firm we had an amazing leisure-time program. This altogether made this trip a special experience and a full success. I want to say thank you to the organisors. Their expertise and commitment is the basis for my trust. I am a customer and I will buy and store more precious metals with Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. and I will be back in the near future.

T. K. (translated from German)

Travel report for the trip to Canada from 14th of June to 17th of June 2017, organised ba Atlantic Canada Metals Inc.

Every year Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. offers to days where people can visit and look how they are storing the precious metals of their customers.

Since 2015 I have a good amount of physical precious metals (gold and silver) stored in the high security vault of Brink's. I am a customer of Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. and wanted to see how they store my gold and silver.

Together with Bernd Schroeder we flew from Frankfurt to Halifax where we were welcomed by Harald Heinz, the president of Atlantic Canada Metals Inc.

I would like to emphasize that the whole trip was perfectly planned. The hotel, the restaurants, the visits of the high security vault and the accounting firm and all the excursions, everything was very well organized.

For me, the visit of the high security vault was the highlight of this trip. Harald Heinz walked with every customer into the vault separately. I was able to touch my gold and silver, could count it and could make pictures of my precious metals.

On the same day during the afternoon we visited the accounting firm which was an important point for me as well.

The remaining time was used to explore the beautiful city of Halifax and some tourist attractions like Peggy's Cove. We spend the evenings in a pub close to the hotel and had time to ask all kinds of questions.

In summary it can be said, that this trip was a mixture of an information trip and a vacation trip.

At this point I want to thank Harald Heinz and Bernd Schroeder for this fantastic trip with a very good planning.

L. K. (translated from German)

Finally after two years my buddy and I found the time to check out the place where our precious metals are stored.
On the 15th of September 2016 got on the ICE-train from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Airport where we arrived just 80 min. later. Together with Bernd Schroeder and other precious metal owners we got on board of our plane to Canada.

When we arrived in Halifax we where greeted with very nice weather. For us it was the first time to travel to North America.

The airport in Halifax wasn't as big as I thought but everybody was very friendly, even the customs officer. After leaving the customs area we where picked up by Harald Heinz, managing director at Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. (ACM). With two big cars our travel group drove to the hotel where we met with other customers of ACM which had already arrived. We all had one goal in common, we wanted to see the high security vault and how our precious metals were stored.

On that first evening we went alltogether to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Besides the very good food we had some interesting discussions with the other participants. It was intersting that there were so many different people like doctors, craftsmen, alternative practitioner and people from the financial industry but all of them had similar goals regarding precious metals.

After the breakfast on the next morning we were driven to Brink's, our main reason for this trip. If you don't look closely the high security vault looks like a normal industrial building from the outside. But at a closer look you notice the high fence with barbwire on top and many cameras around the building. Once inside we saw the security door system with steel doors, more cameras and of course armed staff.

Everyone walked with Harald Heinz into the vault separately. In a separat room with 3 or 4 cameras I saw my sealed box. An employee of Brink's opened the box in front of me and I could see my percious metals. It was a really good feeling to hold my precious metals in my own hands. I took some photos before the employee closed the bos and sealed it. The whole process took only about 15 minutes.

After a good lunch we drove to Halifax Waterfront to visit the accounting firm who is counting all the precious metals at the Brink's vault every year. They explained to us how they do it and answered to all of our questions.

After that we did some sight seeing in Halifax with dinner in a very nice restaurant. We closed the evening with a drink at an pub nearby the hotel.

The next day was used for opening bank accounts at a local bank where Harald Heinz helped with translation and explaining how banking here in Canada works which is a bit diferent than in Germany. During the afternoon we went to Peggy's Cove and enjoyed dinner again in Halifax.

In summary I have to say that this trip was perfectly organized, very informativ and we learnt that Halifax and surroundings is well worth seeing. And I know that my precious metals are in very capable hands.

U. F. (translated from German)

Dear Harald,

We learnt about your service in early 2016 and used our money from a sale of a home to buy precious metals at Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. and stored it with you at the high security vault in Halifax. For us this is a longterm investment.

The main reason we choose you and your company was that you offer us a not just a product or a service but a whole solution. You take care of everything and this is what we like.

This became even more clear when we participated on a trip in September 2016 which was organized by you. We were able to go into the vault and could look at our precious metals and we could visit the accounting firm which is counting our precious metals every year and is providing us with a report. Everything is very good structured.

We enjoyed this trip very much and one reason for this was that we had very interesting conversations with the other participants. Besides the business with the precious metals it was really interesting to see the beauty of Halifax. The hotel was great and the restaurants you coose were amazing.

Thank you for these very interesting days with you and all the unforgettable impressions. We will come back, that is for sure.

We will tell other people about you, your company and the great service you offer. Thank you.