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Precious metal purchase and storage agreement

Here you can produce your personal order form with your data. You can save it and you can print it. This is nonbinding and you are not committed to anything. to make this form a binding offer you have to sign the form and scan it or make pictures with a camera. than you have to send it to us (Order@AtlanticCanadaMetals.com) together with a valid photo ID.

1. Personal data:


2. Goods:

100oz Silver Bar:



1kilo Silver Bar:



10oz Silver Bar:
(Minimum = 2 Pieces)



1oz Silver Bar:
(Minimum = 10 Pieces)



1kilo Gold Bar:



10oz Gold Bar:



5oz Gold Bar:



1oz Gold Bar:



1oz Platinum Bar:



1kilo Silver Coin Eyes of the Timber Wolf:



Gold Coin Set Maple Leaf:



1oz Gold Coin Canada 150 Iconic Maple Leaf 99999:



Total Purchase Price in CAD:


Minimum Purchase price = 2.500 CAD

Because our prices on this website are no real time prices the prices in this order are probably outdated. We write our invoices on the same evening (usually around 8 pm AST) of the day we receive the order with the then current prices. This is true for every order we receive until 7 pm. For orders which we receive later than 7 pm we will write the invoices the next day. During the time when you prepare your order ant the time when we write our invoice the price of precious metals will probably change. This is the reason why we ask here for the maximum purchase price you will pay to us. If the precious metal prices rise and the purchase price is higher than your maximum purchase price we will reduce the amount of certain products to make sure you are not paying more than your maximum purchase price.

3. Additional Information:

The Precious Metal Purchase and Storage Agreement will open as a PDF-Document in a new window. You can save it to your computer and you can print it.