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Offer yourself and your customers a new perspective.

Most people in the world do not own any physical precious metals and have invested all of their money and retirement funds within their own country and within their own currency.

Offer your customers a diversification into physical precious metals and, if they do not live in Canada, a regional diversification into a different country at the same time. This also comes with a diversification into another currency, into the Canadian Dollar.

Our customers are allowed to personally inspect their precious metal holdings inside our high security vault in Canada.

Every customer gets his own sealed box with only his own precious metals inside. This makes sure that the precious metals from one customer will never come in contact with the precious metals from another customer.

As our agent you help your customers to secure their wealth against all kinds of crises which regularly happen.

Please contact us and get information of the whole service we offer and the commission we pay to you as our agent.

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Thank you.