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Why should I buy physical silver, gold or platinum?

In the history of money we already had over 600 different paper money systems and not a single one of them survived. Most of these money systems lost their value over time and in the end reached an value of zero. If you think this can not happen in your country and to your currency, you are wrong. In the past not one country has been spared from a collapse of his paper currency.

The reason of the destruction of most of the paper currencies was high debts and the debt is on the rise all over the world. The next currency collapse won't affect only one but many countries. Think about it, 30 years ago a million was considered a huge amount of money and politicians often used this word. Later the billions took over and then this was considered a lot of money. It still is for you and me but not anymore for politicians. Their new normal is now trillions. Politicians see themselves as heroes if the government debt doesn't increase. Practically almost all countries carry a debt as they never did before in history and the world debt is climbing higher and higher and seems to be unstoppable. During the financial crises in 2008 the world financial system was on the edge of a collapse but most people still don't know it. Some of the worlds largest insurance companies, banks and industrial companies where only a step away from bankruptcy and could only be saved with a huge amount of newly printed money. The companies, most of them, survived but the debt of many countries reached new highs. In 2008 the countries saved the companies but the question for the next financial crises is who will save the countries? That is because since 2008 the worldwide debt has risen about 40%. Today the debt is more than 40% higher than in 2007 just before the financial crises.

What do you think, how long this debt binge can go on?

What di you think, who will save the countries?

Are you really prepared for the next real crises?

The collapse of a paper money system almost ever happened very quickly and the vast majority of the people where totally surprised. When this happens all Bonds will go to zero, live insurances will be worthless, real estate will be burdened with heavy debt, all your digital assets will be lost, the funds in your bank account will be worthless, your cash will be worthless and all the credit and debit cards will no linger work.
Are you prepared?

Nobody can tell you when it will happen but history shows us that it happened every time and this time is not different. Before a crises strikes many signs will warn us. We see these sign qiute a long time now but most people are not able to spot these signs. The signs are the more and more restrictive regulations of the government over the financials of its own citizens. The reduce of cash money transactions, the abolition of large bills or the elimination of cash entirely. Putting laws into effect for the benefit of companies and not the customer. The confiscation of money in bank accounts (look at Cyprus). Low and sometimes negative interest rates or the massive expansion of money around the world. We could go on and on. These are really strong signs that our financial system is coming to an end. And it is not healthy anymore, it is more like a patient in an emergency room. But despite these clear signals most people don't see what is coming. This is not surprising because the same thing happened in the past and the vast majority of the people was totally surprised and they lost everything during the collapse of the money system. This time is no different.

There is only one way to save your wealth and it doesn't matter if it much wealth or little wealth. This only way is owning physical silver, physical gold and physical platinum. In the past the precious metals have increased tenfold and more during this kind of crises. At the same time all the other "values" went to zero. This means you should put about 10% of your wealth in physical precious metals. When you do this and you lose everything else, your precious metals will be probably increase tenfold or more and save your wealth. 99.9% of all people possess no precious metals and probably never will and they will loose everything during a collapse of their paper currency system. Are you one of them or will you prepare? Don't delay your preparation and start as soon as possible and move some of your assets into physical precious metals.

Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. provides you with the opportunity to buy and store precious metals in Canada, in a high security vault and outside the banking system. You will be the only owner of the precious metals you buy from us and store with us. You don't get any paper promises but real physical precious metals. Your precious metals will be stored in your own sealed box inside the vault of a high security building. They will be kept separately in your box and never come in contact with precious metals from other customers. If you like, you can come to Canada, walk with us into the high security building and we show you your box with your precious metals in it. You can touch it, count it and take pictures if you like. You can sell or pick up your precious metals whenever you want.

A portion of your personal wealth in the form of precious metals, stored in a 24/7 guarded high security vault, in one of the most secure countries in the world, should be an important part of your wealth. When you do so, you protect you and your family against the collapse of paper money systems and other major crises.

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