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Why should I buy from and store with Atlantic Canada Metals Inc.?

This is a very good question and you should ask yourself this question with every precious metal dealer. We claim to offer the best service and the highest security for our customers. When you buy, store or sell precious metals, security should be the top point on your list. Please look at the following list which highlights the most important points of our service. Fell free to compare this list with the service of other companies. We think there is no one else out there who is able to offer you more than we do:

Personal advisor? Check
Minumum buy limit CA$ 2,500? Check
Make payments to our Canadian or European bank account? Check
Customer receives confirmation of payment by email? Check
Customer receives confirmation of storage by email? Check
Customer receives a certificate with the company seal as confirmation of ownership? Check
Customer has an online account in which he can see all holdings and movements? Check
Storage in a 24/7 guarded high security vault? Check
No mixing with precious metals from other customers? Check
Separate and sealed storage for every customer? Check
Your precious metals will be stored in sturdy, sealed industrial boxes? Check
You receive a separate statement after every move in your storage account? Check
Your statements will be prepared directly from the high security vault? Check
Your precious metals are fully insured? Check
Your precious metals are special assets and will never be part of the assets of ACM or the high security vault? Check
Your precious metals will be physical counted once a year? Check
The yearly counting is performed by a well known accounting firm and third party? Check
Every customer receives a counting report of his holdings from the third party? Check
The administrator has no access to the precious metals of the customer without the customers knowledge? Check
The customer can personally view, touch, count and take pictures of his precious metals? (*1) Check
Storage outside of the banking system? Check
Storage of the precious metals in one of the most secure countries in the world? Check
Storage of the precious metals in a country with western culture? Check
Transport of the precious metals in another country possible? (*1) Check
Customer pick up possible? (*1) Check
Transport to another high security vault possible? (*1) Check
No holding period? Check
Sale only possible with permission of a third party law office = additional protection? Check
Further purchase always possible? Check
(*1) = only on arranged date  

These all are very important points but there is even more you can do to avoid nasty and perhaps costly surprises. Get in contact and ask all kinds of questions. Try to contact the management by phone, email or even in person to learn what kind of person is it you trust with your savings.

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