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Selling stored precious metals

Once you have bought precious metals from us und store them with us, at some point you probably are going to sell all or a portion of your precious metals. In that case you can always contact us and we will help you with all your questions about this process.

Here is a description about the procedure to sell your precious metals in storage with us.

Selling stored precious metals:
  • First of all you need a certified copy of a picture ID to sell a portion or all of your precious metals. This might seem a bit work but it is for your protection. We can not take precious metals out of your sealed box without your proven confirmation. The certified copy of your ID is the proof we need.
  • You need to print out the selling order form from our download area.
  • You must fill in the whole form. For the prices please go to the regarding product on our website and scroll down until you see "We buy:" with the price behind. Please fill in this price in your selling order.
  • You and a witness (optional) must sign the selling order on every page in the regarding boxes.
  • Please scan the selling order together with the certified copy of your ID. In case you don't have a scanner, you can take pictures of the documents as well.
  • Please send the documents by email to ACM.
  • We will send you a credit note and provide you with an email address of a law firm in Nova scotia.
  • You must send the documents to this law firm by email as well. Please put us (ACM) in cc or let us know that you have send the documents to the law firm.
  • Your documents will be checked from us and from the law firm. We check that all the data we need are there and make sure that the documents are coming from you and not from anyone else who tries to sell your precious metals.
  • It could be that we contact you to verify that you placed the selling order and not anyone else.
  • ACM will instruct the high security vault to take the precious metals out of your sealed box.
  • The law firm will send an email to the high security vault and confirms that the selling order is from the customer and allows the take out of the precious metals.
  • The high security vault removes the precious metals from the sealed customer box.
    The high security vault can only take out the precious metals from the customer box once they receive the order from us (ACM) and the confirmation from the law firm by email. This protects our customers from everyone who wants to steal precious metals from them.
  • The high security vault informs us that the precious metals have been removed from the customer account.
  • ACM transfers the selling price less agreed fees to the customers bank account which the customer noted in the selling order.
  • The sale is closed.

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