Products - Silver, Gold und Platinum

Selected Products

Eyes of the Timberwolf

The one kilo silver coin "Eyes of the Timberwolf" is a very special numismatic coin with a low mintage of only 400 coins worldwide. This silver coin comes with a beautiful wooden case.

100 Troy Ounce Silver Bar

100 troy ounce silver bars are an absolute classic silver product. About 3.1 kilo of pure silver marked with the year of production and an unique serial number, this is a truly distinctive silver bar. With this bar you get the most silver for your money.

1 Troy Ounce Gold Bar

Gold is timeless and the perfect product to store wealth and to carry wealth over time. Even central banks use Gold as a measure of protection because they know it is the only true form of money. The 1 ounce gold bar is one of the most popular gold products and for most people the best size to buy gold.


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