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Why silver, platinum or gold?

In the history of money, there have been about 600 hundred different systems of money. Not one of them has survived. The great majority of all currencies up to the present day became, in the end, worthless. If you think this just affects developing countries, you are wrong. Throughout history, no country was spared from a collapse of its currency.

The collapse of currencies is almost always due to high government debts and continual new borrowing. Thirty years ago we were talking millions. This was seen as a lot of money. Later we were talking billions and that was also seen as a lot of money. Today, people talk about billions every day, especially politicians. Government debts have been increasing for considerable time and politicians consider themselves to be heroes if new borrowing does not increase on their watch. States have bigger debts than ever before and worldwide debt levels are continuing to climb. How long do you think this can go on?

The collapse of currencies usually happens quickly and takes most people by surprise. Investments in government bonds become worthless. Life insurance policies become worthless. The money in your bank accounts becomes worthless. All promissory notes become worthless. Are you prepared for this?

Nobody can say when it will happen, but history has shown that until now, it always has happened. Every time, the collapse of a currency leaves people with the proverbial "nothing". By possessing physical silver, platinum or gold you can protect yourself against this and other catastrophes.

Atlantic Canada Metals Inc. offers you the opportunity to purchase silver, platinum and gold in Canada and also store your metals in a high-security storage facility outside of the banking sector. You will be the 100% economic and legal owner of the precious metals you purchase. You will not be receiving "promissory notes", but real physical precious metals. Your precious metals will be stored in a high-security storage facility in their own container, separate from the precious metals of other customers, and fully insured. You are able to sell your precious metals, or purchase additional holdings at any time.

Personal assets in the form of physical precious metals, stored and guarded around the clock in a high-security storage facility in Canada - one of the safest countries in the world - should be an essential part of your portfolio. Through this, you and your family are protected from the regularly recurrent collapse of paper money systems and other crises.

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